Selling your property

“Selling your property requires an Estate Agent with Local Knowledge, Sales Experience, Dedication, Know How and who understands your needs.”

Over 25 years experience in the local market has allowed John Grants to have gained a wealth of experience in the sales market, coupled with employing local, trained and experienced property consultants we will SELL your property.




Achieving the ‘Best Price’ and the ‘Quick Sale’ is always at the forefront of our Vendors’ requests. Our ability to deliver this is our primary goal. Below is our ‘Guide’ to selling your property giving an insight and tips on successfully selling your property:

Market Value

Pricing your property correctly is ‘KEY’ to a successful and quick sale.

Over valuation will ultimately lead to few or no viewings. Be wary of agents who give you an over valuation simply to obtain your instruction. Our property valuers are trained in-house and all live within the borough allowing them to give an honest achievable price for your property.


First impressions do count. It is important to prepare and present your property correctly to appeal to the buyers.

Look at your property through the buyer’s eyes. A few tips we would recommend:

  • De Clutter – remove any obstructing items, too much clutter will make your property look smaller.
  • Clean and Tidy – a dirty and untidy property will put people off and viewings will be short.
  • Pets – not everyone likes pets and will want to leave quickly if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Fresh Smells – the smell of ‘coffee or baking’ work, it gives the property a more inviting and homely feel and will extend the viewing


Getting the buyers through the door is the aim here, maximising the number of viewings increasing the chance of a quick offer.

Don’t miss the chance! It is important to be as flexible as possible with regards to viewings not to miss the buyers. It may mean that we will do viewings on the spur of the moment – if the buyer is keen to view then we are keen to show the property.

  • Keys – Where possible let us have keys. This would give us the advantage to show the property on the spur of the moment
  • Tenants – Try and talk to your tenants and ensure that we have reasonable access to the property.
  • Accompanied viewings – We will attempt to escort all our viewings whether occupied by you or your tenant, whether the property is vacant and even outside of normal working hours. Allowing us to ‘overcome any objections’ and obtain constructive feed back.

About you and the property

Every property and every Vendor is unique and has their own story to tell. By speaking to you to understand your motives for selling, your history at the property and the property’s history, what you love about your property and any updating you have done, who your neighbours are etc gives us a better picture and more knowledge to sell your property to a buyer.

Feedback – this is a vital part of marketing your property. By giving you regular feed back after viewings and general marketing progress allows for you the vendor to make informed decisions on the sale of your property.


Moving Costs

There are costs involved with selling your property (and buying your next one). It is important to plan your finances at the start so you know exactly what you will be paying from the proceeds of the sale.

These costs will include:

  • Agent Fees
  • Solicitor Fees
  • Mortgage Redemption Fees
  • Stamp Duty (if buying)
  • Valuation Fees (if buying)
  • Search Fees (if buying)
  • Removal Costs


Instructing a good solicitor is the key to the sale completing as quickly and efficiently as possible. A solicitor that communicates with the agent will ultimately lead to a smoother transaction.

Do your research early. Obtain quotes – but remember the cheapest is not necessarily the best choice. Recommended Solicitors are usually the best as they are tried and tested. Ask your property consultant and we will be happy to suggest a few solicitors to you.


Our experienced property consultants will negotiate any offers received on your behalf. It is our duty to achieve the best price for you. We will assess the suitability of the prospective buyers and make enquiries into their ‘financial ability’ to purchase your property.

By doing so allows you (our Vendor) to make the informed decision when accepting any offers. There is No Legal Obligation from either party at this stage.


Legal Stages

Your solicitor will issue ‘Draft Contracts’ to the buyer’s solicitor. You will be asked to provide information and complete certain legal forms that will form part of a contract.

The buyer’s solicitor will carry out preliminary enquiries, searches, check title (and lease if leasehold), receive a Mortgage Offer from the lender, approve the contract etc. Once the buyer’s solicitor is satisfied then contracts will be exchanged normally with a 10% deposit and with a mutually agreed completion date.


On the day of completion the buyer’s solicitor will transfer balance monies to your solicitor. Upon receipt and confirmation of this by your solicitor only then we will release keys to your buyer.

Congratulations, we have sold your property.